Ross Taylor is a visiting professor/professional at the
University of Colorado Boulder. His career spans more than
20 years in numerous countries, including: India, Iraq and Aghanistan.
The National Press Photographers Association noted his work in
an Afghan trauma hospital, and on the troubled U.S. economy,
awarding him National Photographer of the Year (Large Markets).

Taylor, along with Logan Mock-Bunting, created and manage the website:

The Image, Deconstructed

(programmed by the very talented Sam Saccone)

Taylor is accepting freelance assignments in photography, video
production/editing, as well as motion graphics. He also has the ability to
travel extensively and work on ambitious collaborations with others.
His hobbies include coding (and breaking things in the process),
working out, hiking, Civil War literature, and of course, foosball.


phone: 757-412-8558